Site Surveys & Compliance

Knowing where to place your signage or graphics is as important as designing the signs in the first place. After all the trouble you’ve gone to, you don’t want to put your signs in places that are hidden from view and few people will see them or use of wrong materials for specific areas.
At Coverxpress, we examine every aspect of your premises to determine where the best place is for signage, graphics or POS, both internally and outside the building. We can make suggestions as to positioning and design, and always listen to what our client expects. Coverxpress has over 30 years expertise in DDA and Wayfing applications in all areas of Health, Leisure and the Retail Industry.
We can advise on the most effective areas as well as parts of a premises that may not be suitable for signage, in particular large external signs in areas of the country that have planning regulations requiring that signage be understated and specific in size. In such cases we can make recommendations for different designs and alternatives that meets local authority guidelines.
Our surveys of buildings draws on our knowledge and expertise in the signage industry, to ensure our clients get maximum impact and results.

Site surveying is very important to establish important information highlighting any potential problems which may need to be eradicated. Nothing worse than arriving on site and finding out the "Parking is half a mile away from site" or the lift to the seventh floor is not suitable for "Goods".

To provide an adequate report there are many details to ascertain which is not just taking digital images and measurements as standard. Access and site information is usually overlooked. Opening times, even the Managers contact details. Little bits of information we never take for granted.

Consultations with our expert team offering many exciting packages to choose from. Safely relaxing in the knowledge all Design or Brand ideas will be explored. We will help you select the perfect one to enhance your business which we will design to your exact requirements.
Our site survey capabilities include:
  • Photo's and Client Reporting (Data Capture) and Full Design
  • Scale Drawings including Risk and Method Statements. Planning Applications
  • On site liaison with Building and Site Management (Out of hours)
  • Floor Plans and Window Elevation (With recommendations and solutions)
  • Required Media suitable for ease of change and Access
  • CSCS, IPAF and PASMA Accreditation
 For site surveys: Please contact our Installation team on +44(0)121 355 4390
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