Printed Flooring

As an organisation we have worked on a wide range of projects in many areas ranging from large commercial, leisure, retail and office projects to small one-off installations.

Coverxpress printed flooring is a unique flooring concept that allows custom designs, photos and imagery to be custom printed in order to create a truly bespoke vinyl flooring product. Our flooring is 100% customisable, and we can tailor it to fit with your requirements, meaning you can use your own designs and images, choose from our selection, or even have our design team turn an idea you have into a reality.

We are no longer creating floor graphics, but "Graphic Floors".

Previous products were only images printed on the top of the material allowing for very limited applications. With the addition of laminates, durability was slightly improved but there were no long-term solutions available. CXP Print Media easily handles both heavy foot and vehicle traffic. It allows you to print directly to the product, mirroring the image for second surface viewing. This application process allows for greater durability and versatility than traditional vinyl floor graphics.

Since our flooring is extruded as a single, solid and clear material, it can be laid as a solid sheet over the graphic. This means that a single flooring sheet can be laid in your area with very few seams and ultimate protection.

The only limit to what you can have on your floor is your imagination.

As an all-new way to advertise, decorate, and otherwise improve, CXP is the best option for absolutely any flooring application.

The versitility and adaptability of our printed flooring range lends itself to use in a wide variety of settings. Striking and innovative flooring can be created and placed in leisure facilities, offices, retail and commercial premises to create a unique atmosphere within a room.

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